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What People Are Saying

What a masterpiece!
This necklace is just beautiful! I wore it to a small event on Saturday and received numerous compliments on it. Woman-made stones--it's about time!

Sarah, FL

Every time I put on one of her pieces, I’m reminded of the story she places inside each box. I love everything about this brand-the style, the uniqueness and the message.

Brenda, OR

Just got my earrings. They are beautiful, boho, and South West all in one! My next Angie Spady purchase is for sure the Power Cuff. LOVE.

Elizabeth, CA

Angie Spady’s wearable art is always exquisite and these earrings are no exception! Everyone asks me about them and I'm happy to share.

J. Gordon, TX

Very beautiful, the pink opal color is stunning! Pairs beautifully with several necklaces from her collection. I love the concept of woman-made stones. Yes!!

T. Nook, TN

I love anything Angie Spady creates. The message behind her pieces are so uplifting. Great gift ideas and beautiful packaging.

Dawn, AL

This is going to be my go-to gift for all my friend’s birthdays. I know I can be confident they will be blown away by this stunning jewelry and gorgeous presentation. 

Kim, GA

This isn’t just jewelry. This is wearable art. I’m addicted to her jewelry!

Tammy, WA

Let me tell you, I fell in love with Angie Spady's personal story and then with her jewelry. Her pieces, made with stone and broken wood are symbolic of like most women's lives. We are more beautiful because we HAVE been broken and put back together. I love this message!

Dennie, KY

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A Gypsy at Heart..

Angie Spady is an artist, woman of faith and a passionate chaser of some pretty wild dreams. She’s also an award-winning author for women and children. Tired of the all-too-common phrase, "man-made" stones, Angie developed a patented technique of fusing crushed gemstones with beautiful New Mexico cottonwood. Loving her unique "woman-made" stones, her jewelry is worn by celebrities from L.A. to Nashville as well as any woman who loves wearing something special.

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Angie's Blog: Musings of a Gypsy at Heart

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