Look Closely: There's a Superhero in Your Midst!

Superman. Iron Man. Wonder Woman. Black Panther. Batman. These are but a few super heroes that come to mind. Sadly, only a few of these super heroes are women, but I have a feeling that is going to change in the not too distant future.

Stan Lee, rest his soul, had quite an imagination. He could effortlessly dream up all sorts of super hero traits that were extraordinary: x-ray vision, incredible strength, the ability to hurl fireballs or webs, flying through the air, and even the ability to turn people into ice. Oh if only I could just have one of those skills!

However, these superheroes also possessed traits that are totally plausible for any of us.

  • Courageous.
  • Strong Moral Codes They’re Willing to Fight For  
  • Tolerant to Pain.  
  • A Great Sense of Responsibility.
  • Fighting Spirit.
  • Mental Stability.

Ah, these are skills in which we can acquire with some practice. We only need look to others for inspiration. Here’s a few of the ones in my life:

  1. My grandmother Amanda: as an orphan sent to live with Miss Alice Lloyd on a college campus, she grew up and raised an amazing family, worked three jobs and had a brilliant wit. She taught her children and grandchildren to be confident and rise above any obstacle they may face.
  2. My mother, June: she got divorced later in life, chose a career in which she totally rocked, and somehow convinced her daughters to be tough as steel, even though she was often gripped with fears of her own.
  3. My mentor, Carolyn: she battled ovarian cancer for over 10 years and embraced every chemo appointment and challenge with grace and thanksgiving. She instilled in me at a young age that God is always good.
  4. My three best friends. (yes, we women can have more than one) I’ve learned from them what real strength looks like. Whether being a selfless caretaker, accepting a family member’s sucker punch, or showing me how to rise above betrayal, they are women worthy of a velvet cape. I want to be like them when I grow up.

What about you? Who would make the list in your life?

They may not make it onto the big screen like the Hulk or Iron Man, but to you, they’re life savers. There’s no better time than now to say “thank you” to those people. I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I tend to convince myself I can do everything on my own. (Can I blame that on my grandmother, rest her soul, or perhaps my defiant Scottish heritage?) 

After moving to Taos and being surrounded by a tribe of tough western women, I’m learning that it’s okay to accept help. I wasn’t expecting to acquire that trait from these fierce women. But they’ve taught me that accepting love and assistance doesn’t diminish our toughness or resiliency. It does allow for us to have some breathing room when life gets tough.

I’m super thankful for their reminders.

I say this as I finish the dinners they’ve delivered, answer their concerned reminders to ice my knee, and have even learned to say “thank you,” when they bestow upon me a sincere compliment. Quite simply, they’ve shown me what grace looks like in the flesh. These might not be super hero traits according to Stan Lee, but they’re life skills in which I’ll cling to forever. 

Whether you’re donning your own cape or awarding one to a friend, do it with gratitude. And then, my friend, put your hands on your hips, chin in the air and whisper confidently, “I can do this!”

You can, you know.  It was there all along. Here’s to bravely helping one another find it.



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