A Month of Braving Change: Fill Up the Tank and Let's Get Going.

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A Month of Braving Change: Fill Up the Tank and Let's Get Going.

I pray that you're ready...

Not to sound like a broken record (not that I’ve played an actual record in over 35 years) but I’m determined this year to help us women get raw and real with ourselves. IT’S TIME! This is such a pivotal period of life for so many of us. Kids have flown the nest, changes are occurring in our bodies and many of us are searching our hearts like never before.

Sheesh! Sounds traumatic.

But know this, sweet friends, it can also be the most exhilarating time in our lives. I won’t lie, I’m right in the thick of it myself.  But at 54 years of age, I’ve learned a lot through tears, through coping with anxiety, and when on my knees pleading for God to speak in a voice that’s actually audible. I’ve spoken with many women in this stage of life and heard confessions that shook them to their foundation. They’ve shared stories of heartbreak, of personal mistakes, and how they wished they’d been braver in living their truth.

However, I’ve also spent years talking with women who’ve survived this stage and thrived in the sun.  Over one too many glasses of vino, they’ve shared with me stories of passion, of romance, and real adventure. Yet still, I saw sadness in some who wished they’d taken bigger chances and had ignored the naysayers who drowned their hopes like a wet blanket.  Oh, what a roller coaster life we can stay on-- IF we choose to never get off.


Let’s go on this journey together—in the right direction. Sign up on my website and consider it your ticket to board this marvelous middle-age train.  Or perhaps we should call it a license to drive a mustang that’s been sitting up on blocks far too long.  Let’s rotate the tires, change the oil and finish up with a good wash and wax.  It’s going to be a wild ride but I promise we’ll be better for it.

But do take note: We'll need a map to follow.

Yes, we’ll allow God’s word to speak to our hearts—hearts that feel as if they've  through hell and back. I’ll share with you some "in-your-face data" about us females--data which can no longer be ignored.  Most importantly, we’ll look within, learn to own who we are, and can then fall in love with ourselves.

And there’s not a darn thing wrong with that!  

But one mile at a time.

As I discussed in an earlier video, we first have to get centered emotionally. Yes, it IS all in your head.  We can’t dare reach our destination and get healthy until we gain some confidence and stand firm in what we need and don’t need in our lives. We have to know just as much about who WE ARE as WHO WE ARE NOT.  

So in the quest for healthy emotional change, we must ask ourselves these questions:

  1. What do you think is your best trait about yourself? If you can’t think of one, that’s okay! Sometimes we get depressed like that. Ask a close friend and get their input. What’s your worst trait that you’d like to improve? Again, it’s time to be honest.
  1. Is there anyone in your life who makes you feel worse instead of better after talking to them?
  1. Is there a situation in your life that never changes, regardless of how hard you try?  (With a spouse, with a friend, with an adult son or daughter?)
  1. Do you have an Achilles heel, meaning is there a weakness in your life that you just can’t seem to wrestle to the ground? Or perhaps you’re like me and there’s several! 
  1. What dream would you pursue if you knew you could not fail?

Yeah, these are serious questions. But to reach our destination and be our very  best selves, we must seek answers.  Take a few days…weeks maybe…and think about each question. Perhaps you should purchase a beautiful journal and write down your thoughts. Just putting pen to paper means you’ve taken your first step.

But again, we have to be honest with ourselves.

So, there you have it. We’ve put one foot in front of the other. We’re dusting off the mustang and assessing the damage. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting antsy to hit the open road.  In a few days I’ll post the next blog and we’ll continue on this important journey. In the meantime, SIGN UP FOR MY BLOG for the next steps, RECEIVE A SPECIAL JEWELRY DISCOUNT and enjoy some private time to think about the above.

As always, I’ll be praying, rooting you on and will be your biggest fan. Count on it, sister, we must do this together.

Brightest of Blessings,