The Perfect Foundation: My Endless Quest

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The Perfect Foundation: My Endless Quest

If you’re one of my female readers, I’d care to wager that you wear, or have at least tried, makeup foundation. Hailing from the South, I was brought up thinking that we need to have some form of makeup, powder, lipstick or all of the above, before venturing out the door. Don’t judge, I’m just stating a fact that was very normal back in the day. I recently read an article by a well-known female author who rushed to defend this makeup mindset:

“My momma made it very simple on why she put on makeup everyday, even if  just running to the grocery store. She said, 'I simply enjoy making a conscious effort to look my best. For me, I feel good if I feel that I look good. ”

Whether you agree or not is entirely up to you. I must admit, though, I like this momma's spunk.  I’ll also admit that yours truly looks a little better with makeup from those magic bottles and colorful compacts. Might as well be honest. This fact also leads to the topic (or at least partially) of this blog post.

For the past several years, I’ve been on a quest for the perfect makeup foundation. UGH. Can any other lady in my blog universe relate? My friend Kim thinks it’s hilarious. “Oh Ang, you are never content with the one you wear, which by the way, looks totally fine! Sheesh. Give it a break.”

I hear those words ad nauseam each time I send her a photo of my latest purchase.  Of course, I then receive the dreaded eyeroll emoji from her phone. I’m sure in KY she’s also whispering that pitiful phrase, “bless her heart.”

Still, I’m on a quest, regardless of the naysayers. I’ve yet to find one in which I can call “perfection.”  Below are a few common complaints as a result of my little quest:

  1. It simply doesn’t have staying power.
  2. The formula is too thin and doesn’t cover up my flaws quite enough.
  3. It’s too darn natural. If I wear makeup, I want to FEEL and LOOK like I’m wearing something.
  4. It’s doesn’t deliver on all the features and benefits it promises on the box.

Hmmm.. One could even use that analogy in deciding what type of foundation we want God to provide for our life.   

  1. Staying power: We want a Savior that is always there for us and who is all powerful. (His Word makes that abundantly clear. )
  1. Needs to cover our flaws: We can be reassured that Christ’s grace is sufficient. The blood of Jesus covers every single one of our sins.
  1. We need to feel it. When we’re at our lowest and feel the most emotionally naked and flawed is when we feel God the most.  We need to allow ourselves to be vulnerable and naturally allow the Holy Spirit to speak to us.
  1. The product needs to deliver and do what it promises. Sweet friend, God does that abundantly. He not only delivers us from the results of our own mistakes, but he promises that He’s preparing a place for us…with Him.

I must have the confidence, or more importantly, faith, and trust God is always working things out for my good.  Sure, he gives me free will which could very well lead me down a rabbit hole. But if trust and believe, not to mention stay quiet and still, I know He will bring good from it.

 How do I know this? I’ve experienced it over and over in my own life. Oh, how I thank Him for his ever-lovin’ mercy. HE is the perfection foundation on which I will build my life.

The next time you peruse the makeup aisle, it’s my wish that the Holy Spirit whispers in your ear, “Beautiful one, you’re absolutely perfect.”  Own that, while also knowing there’s not a single thing wrong with having a little fun with cosmetics. Hallelujah!

As an FYI, here’s a few of my favorite makeup foundations!

  1. Bare Minerals Pro Liquid Foundation. (My standby that I seem to come back to time and again.)
  2. Lancome Teint Idole Longwear Foundation
  3. Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation
  4. Dior Forever 24Hour Wear

Enjoy experimenting or write to me and tell me your favorite! One bit of advice: ask for a sample before buying a whole bottle. Trust me, I speak from experience.

Brightest of blessings as you build your life on the perfect foundation of Christ.