The Quest for the Holy Grail…What I Learned from Indiana Jones

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The Quest for the Holy Grail…What I Learned from Indiana Jones

The legend of the Holy Grail is one of the most enduring in western European literature and art. The grail was said to be the cup Jesus used in the Last Supper as well at the cup Joseph of Arimathea used at Jesus’s crucifixion to hold the blood flowing from his side. It is then believed to have been taken to England during the crusades, where it's been hidden for centuries.

Possibly stemming from the presence of cauldrons and other mystical objects in Celtic mythologies, the grail also became a common theme in literature related to King Arthur. In one noted piece of writing, “Queste del Saint Graal,” it was Sir Galahad, introduced in this  mid-13th century tale, who became the most well-known knight of King Arthur’s court to complete the quest. Still, some authors hold steady that Joseph of Arimathea brought the grail to Glastonbury in England. One legend has it that on the spot where he buried the grail, the water runs red because it runs through Christ’s blood, though scientists agree this is just the effect of red iron oxide in the soil.  Who knows. For sure, it’s a controversial topic.

Even Steven Spielberg made a swash-buckling film about it, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Oh, how I loved that movie. My favorite line was when the wise knight in dusty armor looked at Indiana and said “Choose wisely. Choose very wisely.”

Ah, such prophetic words in which I’m seeing applies to my own life in a variety   of ways.  Sometimes I need to simply slow down, think, and choose wisely.

Perhaps I should elaborate further.

I’m not one to believe in the detailed descriptions of the various zodiac signs,  but, I’ll admit, sometimes the writers get lucky and nail it. For example, I’m a Gemini.  Regardless of whose writing about the personality of “the Twins,” most agree on a few things: We are constantly juggling a variety of passions, hobbies, careers, and friend groups. We love to communicate as well as learn a litany of new things to enhance our intelligence. (please don’t send emails if you disagree).  

Unfortunately, like all signs, there’s also some negative traits with which many agree on: Geminis are regarded as being indecisive. (I KNEW there was a reason it takes me so long to order from a menu!) However, due to pressures in decision-making, Geminis can also be highly impulsive.

Guilty as charged.

But how can one be both indecisive and impulsive?

For one like myself, it’s quite easy. I can spend way too much time deciding if I want a $15 salad versus a $18 chicken entree, and yet pull into a car lot and quickly come to the conclusion, “yes, that’s the car I’d like. Where do I sign?”  Sounds a little crazy, huh? I fear the knight in Indiana Jones would have been scratching his head if I’d entered that cave.  Most likely I would have hastily chosen the wrong cup, much like the bad guys in the movie, and met my demise, turning into a big heap of dust.  Mercy.

But to my kind’s defense, we often make impulsive decisions after years of hearing people exasperatingly complain about our over-analytical thinking.  Oh, dear friends, I live that every day. How about you? But if I were any other way, I may not be writing this blog as a communicator, or more importantly, I may not have enjoyed the various careers in which I’ve endeavored, meeting some amazing people who’ve enriched my life immensely. So, there’s that.    

Perhaps you struggle with impulsivity in other ways? Binge eating, excessive drinking, inappropriate drug use, excessive shopping, sexual behavior, or becoming violent or aggressive. These are a few examples in which you might relate.  

Please know, dear friend, that acknowledging it is the first step.  Then you must put on your big girl undies and deal with it head on. 

Seek a counselor who specializes in such behaviors or talk to your family  physician about recommendations. Share with a close friend with whom you can 100% trust and allow them to be an accountability partner.  Rather than look at your impulsive struggles as a flaw, find that silver lining. God is putting people in your path who love and care about you. Think about that.  And just as importantly, you too will be a great blessing to those with whom you allow yourself to be vulnerable.  You may not see it at the time, but you will.  

If they’re worth their salt, they’ll appreciate a person who dares to expose their soft side rather than staying inside a protective shell.

That’s how God uses our personality traits, our trials and our fears. He gives us the opportunity to be blessed and to bless others.  Please know I’m cheering for you as you confront your own struggles. For once, use your impulsive tendency and reach out for help while you have the nerve to do so.  I pray for my readers who take this to heart and go for it.

I’ll even lift a wine glass in your honorsorry, it doesn’t look like the Holy Grail, but will have to suffice—and I’ll celebrate your bravery!  Write to me and let me know how you’re doing at You can do this, I just know it.

Cheers to You,