Totally in Love with Turquoise (And Why You Should Be Too!)

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Totally in Love with Turquoise (And Why You Should Be Too!)

Since my followers know I'm passionate about creating jewelry with a story, I thought it might be a good idea to blog about the crushed gemstones featured in each of my pieces. Since I live in the Southwest, I decided to write about the area's most popular stone that's also my favorite: turquoise.

One of the world’s most ancient gems, archaeological excavations revealed that the rulers of ancient Egypt adorned themselves with turquoise jewelry. You may  remember seeing golden Egyptian artifacts inlaid with "sky stone" in your old high school history book.  Perhaps that's still why I love the look of gold and turquoise together, as It brings back wonderful memories for me. Of course, gold and turquoise was also combined to make beautiful adornments in Greece and China.  

There's something serene about this gorgeous blue color, don't you think? It's no wonder the majority of spas decorate with turquoise: it's reminds us of calm waters and peaceful skies. Many customers message me and comment they love the color turquoise because it reminds them of the mystery and romance of the Southwest. 

I can relate.  

I’ll never forget receiving my first turquoise and silver ring. I must have been only 6 or 7 years old and my grandmother had brought it back with her from  Oklahoma. Perhaps I can still use that as an excuse for my lifetime attraction to anything and everything this color.  My fondness for turquoise was further cemented after my first visit to Santa Fe. The historic plaza is abundant with jewelry stores featuring Native American turquoise jewelry.  From small souvenir shops to high end boutiques, turquoise is featured throughout the Southwest. The variation of stones is a bit overwhelming, with Sleeping Beauty, Royston and Pilot Mountain a few of my favorites. Sadly, many of the turquoise mines in the Southwest are being depleted, therefore causing the cost of turquoise to absolutely skyrocket. 

Of recent years, many designers are incorporating turquoise into more modern pieces. For example, I love how Ralph Lauren often features in his ads pictures of models wearing black blouses accented with turquoise jewelry.  It's subtle yet stunning. Of course, turquoise isn’t just restricted for women.  Men that want to get their southwest vibe on may wear a bolo tie to a fancy function, instead of one of the silk variety.  I actually enjoy wearing bolo ties or lariat style jewelry with a beautiful white blouse. Worn loosely, it can be a great look with jeans and boots. (Hint: you may see one soon on my website:)

Yes, I incorporate turquoise jewelry any time the opportunity presents itself. Of course I'm especially fond of combining it with exotic wood so that you can have jewelry that is unlike that of anyone else.  Check it out here. 

In one of my children’s books, Channing O’Banning and the Turquoise Trail, Channing loses her grandmother’s special turquoise ring while digging for a dinosaur on the school playground. I described the ring as having an oval stone with a silver leaf that curved on the side. I’d only lived in Taos for two weeks when I walked into an old general store in the tiny town of Arroyo Seco and there in the jewelry case was an oval turquoise ring with a silver leaf on the side, exactly as I’d described in my book! I wear it every time I do school visits and use it as a prop when talking with kids about the fun in rock collecting.

 I also wear it as a reminder that God is full of surprises, to accept each one with thanksgiving. He knows just what we need to help us bloom fully. Perhaps that's why I named my latest ring design The Full Bloom Ring.  Have a wonderful week living your best self and celebrate being uniquely YOU! 

Remember, He thinks you're awesome. 

Brightest of Blessings,