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My Story

​I’m Angie Spady - a turquoise freak, salsa-addict, and self-proclaimed broken girl who can’t seem to make it through life without Jesus. As a Kentuckian by birth and now proud New Mexican, I love to travel and have experienced God’s Grace from Taos to Tokyo. As a Mother to two daughters who’ve flown the nest, and the wife of a husband who works his brains out for his family (can I get an amen on that one?) I’m just trying to figure out who the heck I am during this crazy stage of life.

I’ve filled my empty-nest with cooking, crafts, gardening, traveling, too much shopping and anything else that fills the void left behind by daughters who couldn’t help but grow up. And as a survivor of a car accident that left me with RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy) I slay a pain dragon on a frequent basis, totally relating to those who suffer in silence, trying to relentlessly look “all put together.” Trust me, I get it.

I am beyond blessed to be an award-winning author who writes books for children, devotionals for women, and for anyone who’s trying to get through this life by holding on to Jesus with chipped nail-polished hands. For sure, He is my patient “what-have-you-done-now-Angie” Savior that guides me along this rocky but flower-filled southwestern life.

Whether you’re a new empty nester or trying to get your bearings in preparation for what’s just around the corner, consider this my welcome. Grab a cup of coffee or your favorite tea and let’s traverse this dusty trail together.

We’ll gaze upon sunsets and realize it’s not only high time we take care of ourselves, but we’ll find the fun and freedom in serving others. We’ll even confront personal and physical pain that’s sharper than the cactus in my own rocky garden. But we’ll do it together.

And we’ll do it with Jesus.

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