You may wonder what a 54-year-old Kentucky woman turned Santa Fe free spirit is doing with a website filled with raw and real insight, not to mention a unique jewelry line. But sweet sister, a few years ago I looked up at God and asked the very same thing.

“WHY ME?” I screamed towards the heavens, with big ugly mascara tears streaming down my face. I was in the midst of a brutal divorce, moving out of a home I loved, lived 1500 miles away from family and suffered debilitating pain from a car accident. My little birds (aka daughters) had flown the nest and I felt crippled financially, physically and emotionally. Yeah, they were fun times for sure…. Ugh.

I was convinced that God had totally forgotten who I was, where I lived and what I needed. I envisioned Him shaking his head, sighing, “Angie just can’t get it right. I’m done trying to teach this gypsy girl a single thing.”

If you can relate to even ONE of these life experiences, this website is for you.

Follow along with me as I share insights on everything from getting beyond the guilt when forcing your adult child to grow up, to asking yourself tough questions like, “Is this marriage salvageable?” or “Why isn’t my sex life like those hot shows on Netflix?!” Rest assured, our conversations will be raw and real. Thanks for signing up HERE and I’ll meet you out on the trail. I’ll be the one gulping down the water or toasting you with wine, depending on the level of difficulty in this crazy, mixed-up life. But rest assured, I’m here for you.

Now, let’s get this party started.