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Just as the jewelry I design, my books are written to uplift both women and children. I'm blessed that The Channing O'Banning Series was the recipient of an IMMY for its ability to motivate and empower youth as well as a recipient of The Ben Franklin Award. The Desperate Diva Diaries (and illustrated by my daughter,   the REAL Channing) was the 2017 recipient of the International Retailing Award for Middle School Fiction and is now in four languages. Yes ladies, there's also a devotional for you and more info on that below. May you enjoy reading, growing and be rest assured, there's more to come...

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The Desperate Diva Diaries

The Desperate Diva Diaries, Book 1

Meet, Catie Conrad - a typical Christian tween with oh, the weight of the world on her shoulders. And if it isn’t bad enough that no one seems to understand the social pressures of being the greatest at everything, donning the latest fashions, and carrying the trendiest technology, Catie’s dad is about to uproot her and her family to work at an Indian reservation during Spring Break.  Throw in a school dance, a major art contest, and her arch nemesis, there’s bound to be an epic meltdown of biblical proportions. Finally a voice in the tween genre that is relatable and no less humorous, this new series encourages kids to remember that regardless of the situation, God is always there to lift them up. 

 The Desperate Diva Diaries 2, Book2

Catie Conrad, fashionista extraordinaire, is back in action in the 2nd book in the Desperate Diva Diaries series, along with best friend Sophie, her brother the “Germ”, and of course Miranda Maroni - her least favorite person on earth! The desperate diva isn’t sure which is worse: the drama at school, or her stressed-out home life. Luckily things get put into perspective as Catie Conrad finds that with faith in God, ALL things are possible.


When fourth-grade artist Channing O’Banning unearths something very weird on the school playground, she’s sure it’s going to be the biggest thing ever to happen at Greenville Elementary. But things take a rocky turn, and Channing never wants to show her face at school again.

Thankfully, Channing finds lots of rocks to hide under when her family visits the American West. With her signature colored pencil stuck in her ponytail and Teeny, the coolest pig on the planet, by her side,

Channing discovers that art comes in many different forms—and that God is the greatest artist of all.

Channing O'Banning and the Rainforest Rescue

When Channing O’Banning’s BFF goes gaga over new boy Marco, Channing wishes she could send him back to where he came from. Her wish turns into her worst nightmare when Marco tags along on her family’s dream trip to Marco’s home country of Costa Rica.

With her secret sketchbook in tow, a colored pencil stuck in her ponytail, and adorable pot-bellied pig, Teeny, by her side, Channing embarks on a high-flying adventure through the Costa Rican rainforest. But when the feisty fourth-grade artist makes a few wrong turns and gets lost in the jungle, she discovers that maybe Marco isn’t so bad after all.

Through her wild escapades, Channing learns just how important it is to keep the earth—and friendships—healthy.

EVERY DAY WITH JESUS Click here to purchase 

In this new devotional – Every Day with Jesus – Guideposts has prayerfully transformed Jesus’ powerful, hopeful words into the most inspiring, encouraging devotions. 365 devotions bring Jesus’ words to life in a whole new way. Read them each day or turn to these bite-size entries whenever you need His calming, comforting, reassuring presence. 


  •  Personal stories of those who have called out to Jesus and received surprising answers. 

  •  Faith-restoring prayers that will encourage your daily conversation with Jesus 

  •  Inspiring quotes from some of today’s most insightful spiritual leaders including Rick Warren, Mother Teresa, and more 

  •  The new way Jesus’ words, wisdom and teaching come alive for you • And so much more!