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Angie Spady believes that all women, regardless of their painful past, are deserving of a life filled with passion, purpose and adventure. This determination has led to her success as a Fortune 500 sales consultant, award-winning author, jewelry designer, and uplifter to women across the country. She is also highly involved in philanthropic endeavors in India and Kenya. 

Angie’s approachable personality and southern charm is an asset as she guides women in forming healthy and tough love relationships with friends and family. Most importantly, Angie is passionate about the fact that women should never shame themselves out of a relationship with Christ.  Her honesty and affirmative style have made her a sought-after consultant and speaker at events ranging from women’s faith conferences to female-led executive board meetings. 

When she’s not writing, designing jewelry or traveling, Angie can be found in Santa Fe, New Mexico, sampling the latest salsa or doing the two-step with her soul mate.


 Thanks for Your Interest! 

My goal as a speaker is to equip and inspire your audience with practical, actionable steps to:

  1. Establish their personal desires and determine how it affects both their career and relationships.
  2. Getting centered emotionally and physically so that one can live their best life. 
  3. Have the courage to live bolder while getting older. 
  4. Cultivate Healthier Relationships with those that truly matter. 

As an author, speaker, and business owner, I understand the important role speakers play in the success of an event.

I’ve presented in private functions for clients and delivered keynotes at industry-leading events such as women executive conferences, pharmaceutical corporate sales events, state library association meetings and Christian women’s retreats. I also conduct book tours at schools across the country.


Titles of My Most Requested Speaking Topics:

1. Taking Off the Sugar Coat: The Importance of Women Being True to Themselves and Feeling Accepted.

2. Get Over It:  How to Overcome the Fear of Failure and Admitting You’re Not Perfect.

3. The Myth of the Bad Girl: How to Stop Shaming Yourself Out of a Relationship with God, All While Chasing Your Deepest Desires.

4. Gypsy at Heart: How to Change Courses with Laughter When Life Has Other Plans.

5. The Break Up: How to STOP Being Your Daughter’s Best Friend and Being a Parent Instead.

6. When the Train Goes Off the Tracks: Overcoming Divorce and Disappointment While Keeping Your Dignity.

7. From Ritz to Ramen: The Joy in Developing a Healthy Appetite for Less.


My Promise To You and Your Attendees:

The success of an event depends just as much on what happens off-stage as what happens on-stage.

 You can expect the following from me:

  • 100% preparation, passion, and energy in my presentation(s)
  • Extra-mile engagement with your audience (I love connecting with attendees after sessions)
  • Strict adherence to all presentation time limits and event guidelines
  • Prompt, punctual, and clear correspondence on all logistics
  • No profanity in my talks

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