Join Me on the Journey...

You’ve arrived at a place where your story is celebrated and understood.
My jewelry, writing and videos will always be centered around one of the themes below. Let’s discover who we are and who we’re meant to be.
  • braving-changeBraving Change: From menopause to new make-up, we’ll explore every type of change out there. From hysterectomies to hair styles, from divorce to dead-end jobs, we’ll cover it here.

  • wide-open-spacesWide Open Spaces: We all crave wide open spaces in one way or another. Here you’ll find out what led me to make dramatic life changes, not to mention why I love the wide open spaces of New Mexico!

  • flying-the-coopFlying the Coop (empty nest reinvented): Do you have kids that have flown the nest or about to soon? What do we do with this extra time on our hands? New Travels or Interests? Or perhaps you’ve been suddenly forced into the role of a parental caretaker of full-time grandmother. We’ll take a look at the growing changes of the empty nest.

  • creative-cowgirlCreative Cowgirl: Do crafty websites drive you crazy or do they inspire you to create? Here we’ll explore endeavors on a wide scale. Whether it’s turning a hobby into a business or turning a pastime into a passion, we’ll have fun trying it all!

  • heart-of-a-hippieHeart of a Hippie: Let’s face it, by this point in our lives our hearts have been broken, bruised and let us down dangerous paths. Our hearts have also been filled with gratitude, pride and yes, passions in which we’ve always longed for. In this section we’ll discuss all matters of the heart. From divorce to dating and from friendships to frank conversations, get ready. It’s going to be raw and real.

  • soul-of-a-chiefSoul of a Chef: We women crave all sorts of things, but in this section we’ll try to focus on food. As a southerner who loves to cook, I’ll introduce you to some down-home recipes and how I’ve learned to adjust them in my New Mexico kitchen. We’ll also explore some of my favorite foods and restaurants here in Santa Fe. Get those boots on and let’s get going!

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